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Bombing of Darwin

On 19 February the first Japanese air raid on Darwin takes place. Many follow, but this is the biggest. More bombs are dropped on Darwin than on Pearl Harbor in December 1941.


International: End of the Second World War

Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Japanese surrender ends the Second World War.

International: United Nations begins

At the San Francisco Conference, on 24 October, the United Nations comes into being with 51 member states.


Pilbara strike

Aboriginal pastoral workers walk off stations in the Pilbara region. The strike lasts until 1949.


Rocket range protest

Public meetings are held in protest at the proposed British-Australian rocket range to be established in the central Australian desert.


International: Human rights declared

The United Nations adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

International: Apartheid becomes law

In South Africa, laws to implement the policy of apartheid are passed, institutionalising racial discrimination.


Aboriginal cooperative begins

The Pindan Cooperative movement is formed from the Pindan pastoral strikers. Aboriginal people make a living as miners of alluvial minerals, with the goal of gaining land tenure. Many activists are inspired by the cooperative movement.

These men came to Perth as witnesses in an action against Middleton, the Commissioner of Native Welfare, in 1958.

Pindan group, 1958

Don McLeod, How the West was Lost, self published, Port Hedland, 1984

More info on Pindan group, 1958

Pindan Group yandying

Pindan Group yandying

Don McLeod, How the West Was Lost, self published, Port Hedland, 1984.

More info on Pindan Group yandying

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