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South Australian Aborigines' Advancement League

Formed in 1939, the South Australian Aborigines' Advancement League initially worked to establish a hostel for young Aboriginal people who were coming to Adelaide to gain an education. It maintained and supported the hostel for a number of years. The League worked to expose and overcome racial discrimination in the workplace. In addition, it agitated for the repeal of discriminatory legislation such as the Police Offences Act, which outlawed 'consorting' between Aboriginal and white Australians. The League hosted the inaugural meeting of the Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement in February 1958. It affiliated with the Federal Council, although it was often critical of the federal body, sometimes accusing it of being high-handed in decision-making and of being dominated by members of the Communist Party. Charles Duguid, the League's founder, and its president for many years did, however, support the Federal Council as the most likely way of agitating for national change for Aboriginal Australians.