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Documents - Queensland Trust Fund, 1969-72

Page 1 of 3 This paper argues that money earned by Aboriginal Queenslanders is not accounted for in the official figures.

Queensland Trust Fund statistics

Barry Christophers Papers, MS 7992/5/2, National Library of Australia, Canberra

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The District Officer at Chillagoe asks Cairns and Mareeba district officers to limit a worker's access to his own earnings.

Queensland District officers controlled people's access to their bank accounts

Barry Christophers papers, MS 7992, National Library of Australia, Canberra. Reproduced with permission of the Department of Communities, Queensland.

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This campaign, against the Queensland Trust Fund, asked people to close their Commonwealth Bank accounts in protest at this bank's management of the Queensland Trust Fund. This petition was placed in major Australian daily newspapers.

'Should a Queensland Aborigine still beg for his own wages?'

Barry Christophers Papers, 1951-1981, MS7992/6/12, National Library of Australia

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